About the Center

The National Energy Research Center (NERC) is a Governmental Research Center Specialized in the field of energy research, development and energy technology dissemination. With more emphasis in Renewable Energy Resources (Solar, Wind, Bio- mass, mine and Micro hydro and etc). NERC started under the name of Renewable Energy Research Institute (RERI) in 1972, under the umbrella of National Research Center. In the year 1980 the RERI developed itself and became the most famous institute in the field 0f renewable energy activities in Africa.

RERI was hosting many national renewable energy programs with famous international & regional agencies such as USAID,GTZ,UNDP, UNEDO, and Others during the period 1978- 2001. RERI implanted many successful programs with the above agencies such as SREP, SEP, RERP. Due to RERI success in implanting the above programs, the government upgraded the institute to become the (NERC) in 2003.